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Saint Vincent Ferrer’s prayer to honor our Guardian Angels:

[English]                                  [Latin]

O Angel of God,                                Angele Dei,

Who is my Guardian,                        qui custos es mei,

Whom God has appointed for me,    me tibi commissum pietate superna,

Enlighten,                                          Illumina,

Protect,                                              Custodi,

Direct,                                               Rege,

And                                                   Et

Govern me.                                       Guberna.

Amen.                                               Amen.

Same prayer in rhyming poem form:

Angel of God, my Guardian Dear

To Whom His Love Commits Me Here

Ever This Day, Be at My Side

To Light and Guard

To Rule and Guide.


The prayer should be said in the morning, upon rising, and at night before retiring and it should be prayed kneeling to show proper reverence to God’s supernal (Heavenly) creatures.

Saint Vincent Ferrer explained in one of his sermons:

Englighten me with the holy light of the Christian faith; protect me against the evil inclinations of my nature, the snares of the devil, the attractions of the world, and the impure delights of the flesh; direct and govern me in the practice of good works.

He also described the wonderful benefits our Guardian Angels provide to us:

It is they who comfort us in our troubles and temptations, who support us lest we fall. And if unhappily, refusing to hear their voice, we fall into grievous faults, they excite us to a true and sincere repentance. It is they who enlighten our understanding to know the things of faith; it is they who, as our advocates, pray incessantly for us, and rejoice with exceeding great joy in heaven with the other blessed spirits each time that we do penance. In a word, it is they who will conduct us to glory, when we shall have finished our earthly course.

According to the Saint, that our Guardian Angels fulfill their office (of protecting, guarding, guiding and enlightening) with joy and happiness. And, when they receive the command from God to aid us they view this as a special favor and give many thanks to God with ‘a most lively gratitude.’

How we should view our Guardian Angels, according to St. Vincent Ferrer:

God acts towards us in like manner (to a master who sends shepherds to guard his sheep in the desert so they may not be harmed by wolves or other hungry beasts). We are His flock in the desert of this world, and He sends His angels to watch over us, that we may not be devoured by the infernal wolves…

This agrees with what is written in the Old Testament:

“For He hath given His angels charge over thee; to keep thee in all thy ways. (Quia angelis suis mandabit de te ut custodiant te in omnibus viis tuis). In their hands they shall bear thee up: lest thou dash thy foot against a stone. (In manibus portabunt te ne forte offendat ad lapidem pes tuus.)” [Psalm 90, verses 11-12]

And in the New Testament:

See that you despise not one of these little ones: for I say to you, that their angels in heaven always see the face of My Father Who is in Heaven. (Videte ne contemnatis unum ex his pusillis dico enim vobis quia Angeli eorum in Caelis semper vident faciem Patris Mei Qui in Caelis est.)