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A man by the name of Joseph Taylor penned and published the following:

God has been driven out of public life by the separation of Church and State; He has been driven out of science now that doubt has been raised to a system; He has been driven out of art, degraded to an exaggerated realism; He has been driven out of law, which has assumed the morality of the flesh; He has been driven from education by the abolition of religious training; He has been driven out of the family, which is no longer considered sacred in its origin and is shorn of the grace of a Sacrament… (How, then to combat such evils?) We must fight the capital crime of our day, which is the substitution of man for God; we must illumine with the Ten Commandments, with the evangelical counsels, and with the institutions of the Church all the problems that the Church and the Gospels have so clearly and triumphantly resolved; in education, in family life, in private ownership, in rights and duties, we must restore Christian equilibrium among the difficult conditions of society; we must pacify the earth and inherit Heaven: This is the mission I must carry out among you, restoring all things to the reign of God, of Jesus Christ, and of His Vicar on earth, the Pope…

“When we speak of the Vicar of Christ, we must not quibble, we must obey; we must not measure what he has said in order to restrict the extent of our obedience; we must not cavil (split hairs or be picky on unimportant points) the clear words of the Pope so that we may distort their meaning; we must not interpret his will in the light of our own preconceptions, thus destroying its manifest intent; we must not set up our rights against his right to teach and govern; we must not evaluate his judgments, criticize his directness, lest we do injury to Jesus Christ Himself…

“Society is sick; the noblest parts of this body are stricken and the vital principles have been compromised. The one hope, the one remedy, is the Pope.”

The name “Joseph Taylor” in Italian is Giuseppe Sarto.

The above words were made public in a pastoral letter to the Catholics of Venice, Italy on 5 September 1894 by Cardinal Giuseppe Sarto (Cardinal Joseph Taylor) the patriarch of Venice. This Cardinal eventually was made Pope of the Roman Catholic Church and is now in Heaven and is known as Saint Pope Pius X.

Oh yes, he also warned about and denounced the perfidious plots of liberalism and above all of “Catholic liberals (who are like) wolves disguised as lambs.”

During his reign as Pope he published an important Encyclical (ignored by many in the Post Vatican II era) called: Pascendi Dominici Gregis (Feeding The Lord’s Flock): On the Doctrine of the Modernists, given at St. Peter’s in Rome on 8 September 1907 A.D., in the fifth year of His Pontificate.

Read it, you’ll

  • learn a lot of true history ignored by academia;
  • see how the enemies of Jesus Christ and His Church work to undermine all things that are good;
  • hopefully begin to spot and protect yourself from the ‘wolves disguised as sheep’ that are in our midst;
  • understand why the heresy of Modernism is the ‘synthesis of all heresies’;
  • discover the essence of the great heresy of our time called Modernism and
  • how to protect yourself from the error that surrounds us like water around fish.

Here’s some charitable advice so you don’t become depressed, despondent or scared as a consequence of reading the important information contained in the aforementioned Encyclical:

  • recite the Holy Rosary of the Blessed Virgin Mary daily (offering 5 decades up to Heaven for the “Consecration of Russia to the Immaculate Heart of Mary” by the Pope along with all the Bishops who are in communion with him as explained by Our Lady of Fatima to Sr Lucia);
  • grow in the faith by re-familiarizing yourself with the Catholic Catechism;
  • pray for our Pope, Cardinals, ArchBishops, Bishops, priests and religious men and women;
  • pray the Acts of Faith, Hope and Charity each day
  • ask, persistently (once or twice a day) the Blessed Virgin Mary to beseech her Son, Jesus, to give you the grace of internal joy and external happiness and optimism; and
  • pray for the suffering Holy Souls in Purgatory (thus doing a portion of your part in the Communion of Saints).

Saint Pope Pius X, pray for us!

Dear Jesus, Thank You for all the graces You bestowed upon Saint Pope Pius X. Amen.